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Resettlement of 6000 Menikfarm refugees is a lie: They are in Kaithady and Mirisuwil, Jaffna –Vijitha Herath
(Lanka-e-News, Sep.30, 2009, 7.25PM) The Govt. told a blatant lie to the world and the Sri lankans that it has resettled 6000 refugees of the Menikfarm in their villages. They have been re located at Jaffna Kaithady and Mirisuvil, said, JVP M.P. Vijitha Herath who is also a convener for the Headquarters looking into refugee problems.

Vijitha Herath disclosed this today (30) at a media briefing at a JVP headquarters at Battaramulla.

Mr. Herath who stated, the refugees have not been resettled, went on to add that about 2000 have been settled on the borders of Ampara, Batticaloa and Trincomalee. About 40,000 of the Jaffna residents are still in the refugee camps.
There are 723 letters received of the relatives abroad of the refugees and those written by the refugees. According to those letters these refugees are facing untold hardships and are in miserable conditions. Despite food and relief items being supplied by World food program and Nayetra Organization, there is an acute shortage of food in these camps the letters reveal, Herath observed.

Though Rice, dhal, sugar and flour are provided for families in units of fifty, the other requirements like condiments etc. are not available. Infant food are sometimes not available for Rs.2000/- a packet,despite the existence of Co operative outlets, the contents of the letters disclose., Herath lamented.
Dry rations are provided to the refugees, but no firewood is supplied. Though the refugees had permission of the Forces to go in search of firewood, until the recent clash between the Forces and the camp inmates. Due to this clash two persons in the camps had been admitted to Hospital. In regard to this incident, the Govt.’s versions are contradictory. The Headquarters for looking into refugee problems has asked for an independent impartial report on this incident, Herath asserted.
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